Paragon – Stealth Master Universal (Hard / Brick) Diamond Blade


This top of the line Universal Diamond Saw Brick Blade from Paragon features carbide inserts, which protect the blade’s segment when cutting across different bricks. These diamond blades are especially suited for bricks made of softer abrasive materials. This specialty saw blade will give you better cuts and more value on materials like clay bricks.

Stealth Master Universal Brick and Paver Diamond Blade – Paragon Tools

This is a top of the range universal hard material and brick and paver blade.

Its laser welded rim made from the latest German technology sets this blade apart from most other diamond blades for brick cutting on the market.

Laser welded blades cut faster and have a much longer life (about 35% longer) than sintered diamond blades. Giving you better value through premium long lasting performance.

The ultimate silent core technology of the Stealth Master can reduce the cutting noise of the blade to just 8dcb. That is whisper quiet.

With such affordable quality, there is no reason to not have the best for your job.

Specifications of the Stealth Master Universal Brick Saw Blade