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AM 105 Robot Lawn Mower – Husqvarna

 Husqvarna 105 Robot Lawn Mower for Sale RRP: $1499 – Limited Stock The AM105 Robot Lawn Mower is the entry model towards a simple life. While its the smallest model of the range, it offers supreme performance. And will happily mow lawns up to 600m2...

315X Robot Mower – Husqvarna

315X Robot Mower – Husqvarna RRP: $3299 Did you know that the 315X Auto mower is the most powerful robotic mower in its weight class. It is compact at 10kg and has a cutting capacity of up to 1600m2. This Automower 315X is the perfect...

450X X-LINE Robot Lawn Mower – Husqvarna

450X Robo Mower for Sale in Canberra RRP: $4999 Husqvarna’s 450 X X-Line automower is their top of the range model. It has the intellectual capability to navigate the challenges of large and complex lawns – like multiple narrow passages, obstacles, tough terrain and slopes up...

Husqvarna 120E II Chainsaw – 16 inch, 38.2cc, 1.5kW

Husqvarna 120E II Chainsaw – 2 Stroke, 38.2cc, 1.5kW RRP: $399 With Husqvarna chainsaws, you can always expect the perfect balance of durability and versatility. The high-powered 38.2cc engine of the 120E chainsaw allows you to tackle big jobs with ease. But don’t worry, these...

Husqvarna 120 Mark II Chainsaw – 14 Inch, 38.2cc, 1.4kW

Husqvarna 120 Mark II Chainsaw, 14 inch, 38.2cc, 1.4 kW RRP: $249 Looking for the best 2 stroke chainsaws to help you out with all the little jobs around your garden? Looking for an essential tool for your trade? Look no further than the Husqvarna 120...

Husqvarna 120i Chainsaw – 12 Inch, 36V

Husqvarna 120i Chainsaw – 12 Inch, 36V, MUO RRP: $329 (Machine Unit Only- Battery and Charger sold separately) Husqvarna has come to be a leading name in Australian chainsaw products. The Husqvarna 120i 12” 36 Volt model is the cordless chainsaw of choice for many...

Husqvarna 122C Line Trimmer 0.6kW 21.7cc

Husqvarna 122C Line Trimmer, 21.7cc, 0.6kW RRP: $249 The Husqvarna 122C Line trimmer has long been regarded as the easiest 2 stroke line trimmer to use for homeowners looking for a light weight trimmer to keep their domestic property well maintained. Even though the line trimmer is...

Husqvarna 129C Linetrimmer, 27.6cc, 0.85kW

Husqvarna 129C Linetrimmer, 27.6cc, 0.85kW RRP: $349 Husqvarna 129C Linetrimmer 0.85kW – 2 stroke lawn trimmer is the ultimate model when it comes to high performance. The bent-shaft petrol trimmer comes equipped with plenty of power offered by the Husqvarna 129C engine to help you...

Husqvarna 135 Mark II Chainsaw – 16 Inch, 38cc, 1.6kW

Husqvarna 135 Mark II Chainsaw – 2 Stroke, 38cc, 1.6kW RRP: $549 Husqvarna have proven to be the manufacturers of choice when it comes to your home DIY essentials. If you’re looking for a dynamic chain saw which won’t take up too much space, the...

Husqvarna 435E II Chainsaw – 16 Inch, 40.9cc, 1.6kW

Husqvarna 435E II Chainsaw – 16 Inch, 40.9cc, 1.6kW RRP: $699 The Husqvarna 435 2 stroke chainsaw is back and better than ever with the second generation model of the series which boasts even more power and better versatility. If you are looking for a...

Husqvarna 445E II Chainsaw – 18 Inch, 45.7cc, 2.1kW

Husqvarna 445E II Chainsaw – 18 Inch, 45.7cc, 2.1kW RRP: $919 Are you ready to meet the next generation in 2 stroke chainsaws? The new and improved Husqvarna 445 model has hit the shelves to make it easier for you to tackle trees, hedges, and...

Husqvarna 450E II Chainsaw – 20 Inch, 50.2, 2.4kW

Husqvarna 450E II Chainsaw – 20 inch, 38.2cc, 2.4kW RRP: $1079 Just as iPhones have upgrades, so do chain saws. So, meet the second-generation model of the 450 chainsaw by Husqvarna. It’s robust yet lightweight design is perfect who is looking for maximum torque combined...

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